Young Terps: Maryland basketball limps through start of ’24, good football buzz picks up

Welcome back to the latest episode of Young Terps as we recap a pair of disappointing losses for Maryland men’s basketball, while some good buzz for football salvages the week.

Maryland basketball had a chance to right the ship to start 2024 but lost both games in different fashion as head coach Kevin Willard was “perplexed” with Sunday’s showing vs. Minnesota.

“We blew this game way before that,” head coach Kevin Willard said about Julian Reese’s fourth foul. “I mean, 15 turnovers in the first half…this team’s got me a little perplexed because we don’t practice that way and we don’t prepare that way and then we go out and we do some things that we don’t do in practice. And the turnovers weren’t, you know, you’re gonna have some turnovers in the game. You’re gonna have an illegal screen. [Julian] got an offensive foul on a post-up, but we gave them almost 22 points off our turnovers on the road. It’s just, it’s a little bit perplexing. It’s disappointing because these guys aren’t, they’re not practicing that way. They’re really not. And obviously when [Julian] went out, that was huge and you know, I trust Ju with three fouls. I did it last year and the fourth one, man, that was just a bad call.”

On the latest show, we dive into:

  • Maryland basketball limping to start 2024 after a puzzling road loss vs. Minnesota and a deflating home loss vs. Purdue
  • What’s gone so wrong for Maryland in 2023-24?
  • We dive into the expected hire of co-defensive coordinator Aazaar Abdul-Rahim
  • First commit of the 2025 cycle is in. What to make of the news?
  • What should fans make of Taulia Tagovailoa’s official entry into the transfer portal?

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