Maryland football’s snap counts, PFF grades vs. Ohio State

We look at how Maryland fared in Saturday’s loss at fourth-ranked Ohio State.


Taulia Tagovailoa: 76

Billy Edwards Jr.: 1

Taulia Tagovailoa finished the day 21-of-41 for 196 yards and two total touchdowns including a 15-yard touchdown pass to WR Kaden Prather. Taulia also tossed a pair of interceptions in the loss, including a pick-six, that gave Ohio State all the momentum when it needed it most.

That left Taulia with a 48.5 overall grade on offense, the second-lowest grade on offense, including a 43.7 grade in the passing game. Taulia faced pressure on 17 snaps and finished 3-of-13 for 33 yards, while he was sacked twice. In a clean pocket, Taulia was efficient as PFF graded him finishing 18-for-28 with 162 yards and a touchdown and interception each. While Taulia finished 12-of-15 on yards nine yards or shorter, the deep ball was largely unsuccessful on Saturday as he finished just 2-of-8 on throws 20 yards or more downfield.

Facing 4th-and-1, Billy Edwards Jr. replaced Tagovailoa midway through the first quarter on an obvious designed run, but Preston Howard’s poor block helped the Buckeyes bring Edwards down at the LOS.

Running Backs

Roman Hemby 38

Antwain Littleton II: 30

Colby McDonald: 9

On a day where Maryland finished with 106 yards as a team, the running backs largely struggled as they averaged 3.6 yards per carry in the loss. Littleton finished with a team-high 38 yards on 11 carries and the highest offensive grade at his position (60.9). Littleton also finished with the second-highest pass-blocking grade (78.5), one of two Terps to grade above 75.

Roman Hemby was the lone running back to bust a rush over ten yards, yet finished with a 58 overall grade while breaking a pair of tackles. Colby McDonald finished with just 12 yards on four carries, finishing with a 52.9 overall grade.

Maryland did, however, pick up eight first downs on the ground which helped the offense finish 6-for-7 on 3rd downs less than four yards to go. 

Wide Receivers & Tight Ends 

Tai Felton: 73

Kaden Prather: 67

Jeshaun Jones: 61

Corey Dyches: 54

Preston Howard: 30

Tyrese Chambers: 19

Dylan Wade: 3

Octavian Smith: 1

Once again, it was third-year receiver Tai Felton who led the unit in snaps with him lined up as an outside receiver on 35 of his 45 snaps on pass plays. Felton finished with three catches for 30 yards on a team-high eight targets, while he and Kaden Prather both accounted for one drop. Felton finished with the second-highest receiving grade (57.9) while Kaden Prather (61.4) was the lone receiver to find the endzone on a one-handed, 15-yard touchdown catch.

Jeshaun Jones lined up in the slot in all but four snaps and finished with a unit-high 68.6 grade.

Preston Howard finished with a pair of catches but drew a 71.5 grade in pass blocking compared to Dyches’s 71.3 grade in the same category. Howard (65.9) joined Jones (68.2) as the lone two skill players to grade above 65 on pass routes.

Offensive Line

Gottlieb Ayedze: 77

Kyle Long: 77

DJ Glaze: 77

Mike Purcell: 70

Corey Bullock: 53

Andre Roye Jr.: 23

Aric Harris: 7

Marcus Dumervil: 1

DJ Glaze (75.3) was the lone Terp to finish with an overall offensive grade above 75 as he was one of three players on offense to play all 77 snaps, finishing with a 72.8 grade in run blocking and 68.6 in pass blocking.

Corey Bullock finished with a team-high 89 grade in pass blocking, good for 20th-best in the country in week six, but he left the game early in the second half. The biggest development from Saturday’s loss was Corey Bullock sidelined on the first series of the second drive, shifting Gottlieb Ayedze to right guard and Andre Roye at right tackle.

Roye finished the game with the second-best grade in run blocking (70.9) while drawing the third-worst pass blocking grade (48.1). Kyle Long finished with the lowest grade among any player (46.9), finishing with a 59.6 grade in run blocking and a 5.1 grade in pass blocking, as he allowed eight pressures and six hurries.

Defensive Line 

Quashon Fuller: 40

Tommy Akingbesote: 34

Jordan Phillips: 32

Christian Teague: 22

Tre Colbert: 21

Taizse Johnson: 19

Isaac Bunyun: 17

Dillan Fontus: 2

Bunyun (74.3) was the lone defensive lineman to grade above a 70 in the loss, where he finished second on the team in run defense. Quashon Fuller was one of two players to register two hurries, finishing with a 59.8 grade in pass rush, as he added a sack in the loss.

Phillips (64) finished with the second-highest grade among any lineman, drawing a 70.1 in tackling. Phillips also drew the highest pass-rush grade among any player (65.3). Akingbesote drew a 73.5 tackling grade, but a 50.5 overall grade and a 48.1 grade in run defense.


Kellan Wyatt: 40

Jaishawn Barham: 40

Donnell Brown: 36

Fa’Najae Gotay: 21

Riyad Wilmot: 19

Caleb Wheatland: 14

Sean Greeley: 10

Gereme Spraggins: 9

Four linebackers drew a grade above 70 in Saturday’s loss as Ruben Hyppolite led the unit with seven tackles, including six solo, along with registering three defensive stops. Hyppolite drew the highest tackling (81.6) and run defense (80.8) grade among any defender in 34 snaps.

Surprisingly, it would be Barham (72.9) and Spraggins (72) who finished with a higher overall defensive grade as they combined for three tackles. Caleb Wheatland (70.1) was the lone linebacker to grade above 70 in his limited reps, while he accounted for two of the unit’s four missed tackles.

Defensive Backs

Beau Brade: 63

Ja’Quan Sheppard: 62

Corey Coley Jr.: 60

Dante Trader Jr.: 50

Glen Miller: 34

Gavin Gibson: 10

Lionell Whitaker: 4

Glen Miller (77) finished with the highest coverage grade among any player and was one of two (Beau Brade, 72.2) to grade above 70 in coverage. Brade led the defense with two forced incompletions while Trader, Sheppard and Miller each logged one.

Per PFF, here’s how the DBs fared in coverage:

Dante Trader: 3 catches, 40 yards, 7 targets

Beau Brade: 3 catches, 58 yards, 6 targets

Ja’Quan Sheppard: 4 catches, 129 yards, 5 targets

Corey Coley: 3 catches, 3 targets, 68 yards

Glen Miller: 1 catch, 1 yard, 2 targets

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