Leonardtown QB Dreylen Howard confident heading into senior season

Leonardtown (MD) quarterback Dreylen Howard grew up playing basketball, but the 5-foot-9, 160-pound athlete has concentrated his efforts on football as he gears up for his senior season.

Howard, who plays with We-R1 on the hardwood, recognizes the benefits of being a dual-sport athlete with basketball preparing him for his football season. “Just keeping me in shape, keeping me conditioned. Basketball happens way faster than football, just the game speed of everything, so when I get back to football everything feels slowed.”

Howard led Leonardtown to a 6-5 record last fall before a 29-3 loss to Arundel ended his junior year, but the consistent offseason training over the last three years with QB Factory has instilled confidence heading into his final season of high school football.

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“Coach [Chris] Baucia and coach Luke [Casey], they were huge during quarantine,” Howard added. “I was just coming off my freshman year and I was trying to throw in my backyard a lot, looking at tutorials on YouTube to try and figure out my mechanics. One day my mom took me up there and I got connected with coach Luke and it was new everything on how to push my mechanics. They changed my footwork, made my form proper. Before I started I couldn’t throw it 20 yards and after three training sessions I was throwing it 35 easily.”

How has he noticed his training translate to the field? “Just the constant repetition, getting your mechanics down to make it second nature.”

Heading into his senior year with a 4.3 GPA, Howard plans to camp at Kentucky, Michigan, USC, South Carolina, Georgia, Lafayette this summer.

“I’m an outstanding pocket passer. I feel like I showed that on film but I want to showcase that more. Really show that pocket passing is my strongest point.”