Greg Rose Embracing New Role in Maryland Football’s Defense

Nearly one year ago at this time, defensive lineman Greg Rose learned he was put on scholarship during a Ravens preseason game. Fast-forward to today and the former DeMatha product steps into a leadership role on a defense working to find its identity. For Rose, he’s embracing the new role.


“I could see myself stepping into more of a leadership role,” Rose said during Wednesday’s media day. “When I first got here, I kept my head down, always worked and now people look to me to be a leader to just tell ’em like, like what to do, what not to do. Like since I’ve been here for so long now, I kind of get the gist of how everything goes. I understand how the system goes and I understand what you have to do, how to do it and why it’s important.”


On the field, Rose will be used a bit differently this season. “Standup edge rusher, yeah.” Checking into camp at 265 pounds, Rose met with outside linebacker coach James Thomas this offseason to bring him up to speed on the specifics at the position and how to become most effective. “We met privately and he taught me about the playbook and he taught me my concepts. I got real keen on defensive line, knowing all three of those positions so to learn a new one, he really helped me out and I picked it up quick and now, I just added another piece to my resume.”


Rose will soak in the new role under a new defensive coordinator in Brian Williams, but the change doesn’t bring uncertainty. After working with the defensive line over the last two seasons, Williams remains the position coach for the defensive side of the trenches and Rose’s willingness to become a versatile piece stems from his confidence in Williams.


“I never just limit myself to one position. So I may be working here outside linebacker, but wherever I’m needed, wherever coach Brian Williams needs me, I’ll be there. You guys see me at [defensive] tackle, you guys see me at nose, at [defensive] end. Now I’m at outside linebacker and pretty much whatever this team needs, I’ll do it for them.”


He explains why Williams has drawn that level of respect.


“When I first got here as a walk-on during COVID, there was a lot of uncertainty, but coach BWill has always been transparent with me and he’s always told me the truth. Like he always told me what I had to do, like how I should do it and why it is important. He’s the type of coach that I would go to war for any day. Anything coach Brian Williams asks me to do, I’m ready to do that at the drop of a hat. He has that type of like effect on me because I know the same,” Rose added.


“He doesn’t say too much but when he does talk, it’s wisdom coming out of his mouth. He’s not soft-spoken but when he does speak, everyone listens.”