2027 QB Jackson Rice looking to make an impact at Good Counsel

Quarterback Jackson Rice will begin his high school career at Good Counsel this fall as the beginning of summer gave him a chance to build his chemistry with his new wideouts.

The 6-foot-3 quarterback capitalized with his new wideouts on the 7-on-7 circuit with the Falcons rolling out a pair of teams at camps at Maryland, West Virginia and Penn State but Rice has also spent time honing in on his mechanics on the side.

“I’m also training separately. Almost a year now,” Rice told IBG after consistently working at QB Factory.

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“I’ve known coach Baucia since I was younger because he used to have a connection with one of my old coaches. Then I became a quarterback and I heard he was one of the greatest quarterback trainers in the area so I wanted to work with him,” Rice added. “He’s improved my game a lot, helped me tremendously.”

Rice explains how his game has advanced heading into the fall. “Just helped me overall with my mechanics, reading defenses which all translates to in-game situations.”

Good Counsel begins camp next month as Rice looks to build his legacy at the storied Olney powerhouse.

“I love Good Counsel. It’s a great high school, can’t wait to get the season started,” Rice added. “Just getting on the field as soon as possible and helping my team in any way.”