2026 QB Dillon Faust progressing heading into sophomore year

Dillon Faust made the move from Southern California to Maryland last June as the 2026 quarterback transitioned to St. John’s (DC). Roughly one month after transitioning to the DMV, Faust began working with QB Factory with aspirations of becoming the Cadets’ starter heading into his junior season.

“My QB coach in California was looking at QB coaches in the DMV then he found coach Chris [Baucia],” Faust said. “With school and working out and going to practice, they’ve helped me grow a lot. Even a couple weeks ago, my lower body was bad mechanically and I was losing a lot of velocity. Both coach Chris and coach Peyton, they worked with me a lot on it and helped get that velocity back.”

Faust made the trip to Blacksburg for Virginia Tech’s camp last week and will look to head to Maryland and Princeton next, but his work with Chris Baucia and Peyton Warren has led to gradual development over the last year. “My deep ball has gotten a lot better because I feel like my real strong points were quick short routes then big seams. My deep ball, posts were what I wanted to work on and got a lot better with that. QB Factory helped with that.”

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5-foot-11, 167-pound quarterback is building off a “super productive” June as he’s stayed consistent to his craft. “I’ll work out with receivers without coaches. If I don’t have receivers, sometimes I want to work on mechanics, I have a net in my backyard and that’ll be straight mechanic work. I’ve grown a lot from even last year to this year. I think that not a lot of people know that yet so when they see me, they’ll see.”

Faust knows what he wants to show on his sophomore film.

“A little bit like last year, I want to throw inside the pocket and throwing from broken plays, escaping pressure. I think I’ve gotten a lot faster compared to first year and I’ve learned how to protect myself more when I run, so when I run I want to get some yards then slide.”

Faust also boasts a 3.8 GPA heading into the fall.