2025 QB Nathan Tapley confident, ready to lead Broadneck

After two seasons at Stephen Decatur (MD), Broadneck (MD) will have a new starter under center this fall when 2025 quarterback Nathan Tapley takes the field with his new squad.

The 6-foot-2, 200-pound quarterback moved back to the Broadneck area midway through his sophomore season in hopes of getting “a better opportunity for myself to play, face good competition” as he’s acclimated to new his wideouts.

“Since I did just move to the Broadneck area, I’m still learning but it’s a lot of fun. I’m definitely just looking forward to playing with the guys,” Tapley said. “I’ve met all of them, they’re studs on the field so it’s going to be a lot of fun to see what they can do in the game.”

Though Broadneck is days into the start of fall camp, Tapley is building off the familiarity with his new wideouts after staying consistent through the offseason. “Everybody here is very welcoming, so it made it really easy to get to know everybody. One of the best players on the team is the coach’s son so I had been in contact with him for a while before I moved. The guys I’ve thrown to in the slot are good…then our running back is one of the best running backs in the state, I believe. He’s going to make it a lot easier to win games.”

Tapley also carries a 3.93 GPA into the fall, but it’s how he wants to play this fall that will help build a highlight tape that captures his full skillset.

“We have the threat of the run and pass so that opens up a whole new world of football. My film will feature a lot of deep passes, short passes, pulling the ball and making plays outside with running,” Tapley added. “When it matters, I’m definitely going down the field as hard as I can, and I’ll get the extra five or seven yards that we need. When it comes to games, I can get the ball where it needs to go.”

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Part of Tapley’s confidence stems from his consistent training at QB Factory where he’s been a frequent attendee through his early career.

“I’ve been doing workouts with the team but before, I was doing it up at QB Factory with coach [Chris] Baucia. I’ve known him since I was ten years old, and I’ve been going to him forever. I stopped when I lived in Ocean City because it was like a two-hour commute, then when I came back, I went every week. He’s definitely helped a lot. Every single time I go there, I learn something new. He makes sure your moves are perfected. He doesn’t just do one thing one day then move onto the next. He sticks with it and when you get it, that’s when he moves on.”

Following his junior season, Tapley knows where he’ll be to retool ahead of his final season of high school football.

“After the season, I’ll start going straight back and do my thing with him.”