2025 QB Eli Taylor talks June camps, offseason progress and QB Factory training

2025 quarterback Eli Taylor saw his season end in the final game of his sophomore year as Colonial Forge (VA) fell to Patriot, 49-21, after upsetting Battlefield the week prior. Now, the 6-foot-2, 200-pound quarterback is inching closer toward full clearance from his knee injury and was able to test that on the camp circuit in June.

The 6-foot-2 quarterback made his way to Maryland, Virginia and Virginia Tech and felt confident in his performances. “I did really well,” Taylor said. “I really liked how I did especially coming off my injury, getting back into everything and seeing where my knee is,” Taylor said. “Trying to push myself to see where I can go.”

A big reason for Taylor’s comfort is his training with QB Factory as he approaches year three working with Chris Baucia and his staff. “I’ve gone about every two or three weeks, just with football practice and camps, to get in order for it. I went a bunch before my camps to kind of get everything going again and making sure everything was good,” Taylor added.

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“It’s really helped me out a lot, given me my own style. Everybody has their own style, different style and now I’m finding my own to see what’s working for me and they’re really helping me out doing that. Some other coaches don’t really do that, they just go off what they know and what they want done but they really help me find my own style and how I can get the ball really going. They got me ready for camps. I know pretty much every drill now that these coaches do and QB Factory definitely plays a big role in that, getting me ready.”

With a 3.2 GPA heading into his junior year, Taylor is working to add muscle mass onto his 200-pound frame while showcasing his athleticism on his fall film. “I want to set a new record for the school with passing yards. I want to get some rushing touchdowns, get my feet moving out of the pocket, show everybody that I’m not just a pro-style and can be a dual-threat.”