2024 WCAC Guard Returning to Maryland on Saturday

Maryland will host a WCAC guard for already his second home game in 2023.

2024 St. John’s (DC) three-star guard Daquan Davis tells IBG he will attend today’s game versus Nebraska. The 6-foot-1, 185-pound guard made it to College Park for Maryland’s 82-63 win over Penn State in late January where he was able to reconnect with the coaching staff following the win. Assistant coach David Cox has been in pursuit of Davis, who holds Maryland in high regard.

“I liked it a lot. I like how coach lets them play. Coach [David] Cox texted me [Thursday], he was like ‘see how we’re using Jahmir [Young]?’ it’s a good style of play. I like how he’s letting them just play their game,” Davis told IBG. “That’s what I’m looking for, honestly.” Davis will officially visit Mississippi State and Butler next month while Maryland sits in Davis’ top two ahead of a summer commitment.

A source also added that four-star teammate Donnie Freeman will not visit on Saturday and while Maryland is still in his top group, the Terps face an uphill battle to land the versatile forward. Davis has helped to lead the Cadets to a 22-2 record, including a five-game win streak heading into Friday night’s contest vs. Bishop Ireton. Snippet from Davis’ scouting report courtesy of Point Guard Eyes (read more here).

  • Tough as nails
  • Looks to have grown an inch or so since the winter
  • Nice burst and acceleration off the bounce
    • Shifts gears effectively
  • Moves with noticeable energy
    • Pushes off the balls of his feet with urgency
    • There’s no hesitation in his movements
  • Terrific footspeed with good footwork
  • Superior quick-twitch fibers
  • Quality first step
  • Strong for his size, and getting stronger
    • Excellent functional strength
    • Appears to have added muscle to his frame from winter-to-summer
  • His game is largely finesse, but he’s not contact averse. In fact, he seems to enjoy it, mostly.
  • Plays under the rim
  • Very good speed with and without the ball
  • High motor on both ends
  • Quick lateral movements
  • Great hand-eye coordination
Offensive Qualities
  • A shifty lead guard who splits an efficient offensive approach between flourishing as a scorer, especially from the outer 2 levels, and making plays for others off the dribble
    • Excels equally off the bounce and on the catch
    • Excellent scoring instincts; has a nose for the basket
    • While he’s aggressive, he has a nice way of allowing the game to come to him
    • Growing scorer at the 1st level
  • Quickly growing ability to get where he wants to go with the dribble, using a rhythmic combination of sharp movements and quick-twitch changes of pace and direction
  • Can interchange between a probing style and a direct manner of movement with the ball
    • Typically decisive and direct, with instinctive counters to his defender
  • Purposeful with the dribble, having 3 goals in mind:
    • Get to his mid-range spots
    • Get to the rim
    • Create shots for others
  • Terrific jump shooter from various levels of the mid-range
    • Likes to drive the defender backward into a pull-up
      • Drives hard in either direction and stops on a dime
        • Prefers to shoot this shot from 15-17 feet
      • Creates separation through a combination of a crafty handle, good burst, and a scorer’s feel
        • Improving at creating space in one-on-one situations. Currently relies on the pick-and-roll to assist in space creation (see below for more details).
        • Can sometimes struggle to generate space against longer athletes in isolation
        • Utilizes effective single and double dribble moves in one-on-one situations or in conjunction with ball screens
      • Doesn’t show a preference for shooting going right or left, and can do so with similar accuracy
      • Feels space and time, momentum, and the help defense around him in short time to make good decisions on the shot or pass (or neither)
      • Possesses an effective step-back going left
    • Outstanding pick-and-roll player – preferred method of attack off the dribble. Heavy reps were available to analyze.
      • Efficient scorer out of the action
      • Will turn the corner quickly with the primary purpose of getting to his mid-range spots
        • Can take his time to probe with multiple dribbles until he finds the spot and space he desires, or come off with more urgency
          • Makes good use of the hesitation dribble to give him additional processing time
        • Likes to get to the elbows and foul line area when possible

Davis is rated a three-star prospect and an 89 overall by On3, sitting as the fourth-best prospect in DC and 135th-best prospect nationally.

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